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Here I would say that what happened on beneficiation of knowledge, as well as around me, thank you for your attention.

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Structure of Disc Feeder

Fully enclosed disc feeder structure, mainly by the upper hopper, the lower disc and drive mechanical components. Upper hopper comprises a cylindrical spool assembly, scraper plate, spout and connecting flange. Mechanical transmission by the drive mechanism, the disc sleeve and regulate the feeding amount to pocket doors and scraper composition, the entire drive mechanism sealed good, dust can not enter inside the device and can adapt very fine ore pellets, the infiltration of the working environment . Motor adopts frequency control motor, motor power 15KW. Reducer and disc relatively independent, simply remove the gear overhaul, without having to empty silos, remove the sleeve and the disk, easy maintenance, simple. Here we look at the full closure disc feeder structures. disc feeder 1, The disc sleeve: the difficult blocking material, hanging material of the sleeve. Sleeve using snail-shaped structure, snail-shaped part of the same height, ensure that the material can be smoothly discharged, the circumferential direction are divided into two parts, bolts together. Sleeve made of Q235B, a thickness of 16mm. Blade height of about one-third of the total height. 2, The sleeve valve and scraper: disc feeder has a control gate and quantity of adjustable scraper. Disc feeder sleeve feed gate using fan gate, manual control, scraper and shutter plate is made of 16Mn, thickness of 20mm, undercarriage features material spreading blade, uniform circumferential direction. 3, Lining: volute liner sleeve features, height and scraper with a high, lining material for high-chrome cast iron, the thickness of 25mm, liner installation using countersunk head bolt safety catch type; disc feeder blade, gate bell and material contact parts using material 16Mn, thickness of 20mm liner. 4, Rotating support: disc feeder large diameter slewing ring structure, the support structure can carry more than 13 meters inside the warehouse material pressure, slewing ring anti-rollover torque, resistance, smooth running, full load at low frequencies, can smooth start, running, smooth acceleration, uniform feeding. Slewing ring bearings, gear life of not less than 8 years. 5, Lubrication: reducer with external circulating oil lubrication, slewing rings, size open gear with grease lubrication. Slurry Vibrate screen: Flotation??? Flotation machine??? vibro feeder??? Milling Grinding???
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xcf air inflation flotation Machine

Introduction XCF flotation machine is an air inflation mechanical agitation floatation machines with slurry suction.SF flotation machine is widely used for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineralsuch as,coal, fluorite, talc. Production Capacity 0.2???38m3/min Effective Volume 1???38m3 Advantages Self-priming pulp. Strong mixing ability and simple structure Air spreading well and uniform mixing of slurry and air. Less sedimentary of tailings and Low turnaround speed, low power consumption. Work Principle When XCF air flotation machines work, with the impeller revolve, pulp from the machine bottom to between impeller page. meanwhile,low pressure air through hollow shaft and the air distributor enter the machine too.Ample air is mixed with mineral slurry,then diccharged from impeller.Pulp discharged from the impeller , enter the groove of the main body in the pulp, mineralized bubbles rise to the surface and forming foam layer, part of pulp return recycle, another part of pulp through the slot on the partition and ernte next slot in the circulation of hole seeding or discharged as a final product.Impeller under the function of isolation plate is to discharge the slurry mixture of air and does not affect the impeller blade suction pulp. Maintenance 1??Flotation machine working ability and work deadlines just as others machine is determined by the maintenance and keep the normal work of the main parts, all the parts need a close examination for each 3 or 4 months. 2??Only one who skilled is eligble to check the flotation machine. 3??When works, pay more attention to check the motor bearing's temperature,Add lubricant to all the parts regularly,ensure the operation of flotation machine in normal way. 4??Must reserve a full set of wearing parts. Slurry pump : Vibrate screen : Flotation ??? Flotation machine ??? vibro feeder ???
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The things you had to know of vibrating screen

Spring may have a greater elastic deformation under load, in various types of machinery is widely used. The main action of the spring is control mechanis mmotion, damping and buffering, storage and output energy, measuring force size. According to withstand the load can be divided into tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and bent spring four. Shaker uses a helical springs. The main components of the shaker vibration motor, vibration spring, screen, screen frame. The vibration spring played a buffer vibration force, reduce the screen frame and chassis increased friction shaker life, one of the main means to improve screening efficiency. Then you know that there are a variety of vibration spring it? You know how to use different shaker vibration spring it? Xiao Bian today Xinhai types and applications of vibration shaker spring detail. Spring requires work under normal load conditions and requirements diameter of about 95mm, outer diameter of about 110mm, spring stretching amount 0 ~ 7mm, and the applied load of the quality of the screen box, shaker quality, material quality. According eccentric weight, eccentric turning radius and angular velocity, calculate the spring vibrating force. vibrating screen is one of the majorscreening equipment, and its main components vibration damping spring can not be ignored as a major component, shock springs shaker in playing a major role, he is between the cabinet and support frame a buffer device, and take focused task force and bounce, so that the material can be maintained without damaging the front row cabinet damping device. Slurry pump : Vibrate screen : Flotation ??? Flotation machine ??? vibro feeder ???
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Slurry pump equipment installation steps and precautions

slurry pump can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, building materials industry etc. for conveying corrosive and high concentration slurry.Because the work special, in order to ensure smooth and efficient Slurry pump can complete the task, the installation process requires additional attention. Precautions Slurry pump installation: 1. Check the installation of Slurry pump type mechanical seal, the specifications are correct. 2. Check the installation of Slurry pump seal mechanical parts associated with dimensional accuracy, geometric precision and the relationship meets the technical requirements. 3. Radial installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft (or sleeve) beating tolerance, the shaft (or sleeve) surface finish and outer diameter tolerances. 4. Gland seal chamber and combine positioning end face of the shaft (or sleeve) vertical centerline of tolerance. 5. The ends of the shaft seal ring is installed (or sleeve), chamfered ends and finish construction of the installation of the mechanical seal housing bore. Slurry pump installation process??? 1. During the Slurry pump installation process ,Keep clean, use tools to beat the sealing element is forbid . 2.When installed, the dynamic and static ring surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil and turbine oil.Secondary seal (including ring seal stationary ring seal) coated before installation also need to clean oil or turbine oil to ensure smooth installation. 3. To ensure static ring face and cover the vertical centerline, and note on the back of the stationary ring groove to align the anti-anti-rotation pin, no touch. 4. Rotating part, relies on two spring seat with the shaft of the fixing screw fixing, fixing screws tightened to ensure the working length of the spring.Slurry pump : Vibrate screen : Flotation ??? Flotation machine ??? vibro feeder ???
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Circular Vibrating Screen

Product Introduction Circular vibrating screen is a kind of multiple layers, efficient new screening, shaker screen box mounted on the side plates, driven by a motor through V-belt rotates, centrifugal force of inertia, force the screen box vibration, shock body is the screen box It has an approximately circular trajectory. Period, less than the diameter of the sieve face material falls through the sieve lower, larger than the mesh material through continuous movement after jumping from the discharge port discharge, the final completion of the screening work. Benefits Features (1) Due to strong vibration of sieve box, reducing the material clogging the sieve, thus making a sieve with high screening efficiency and productivity. (2) simple structure, easy removable screen surface. (3) screening the energy consumed per tonne of material less. (4) plus the eccentric shaft eccentric vibrators, smooth operation, high screening efficiency. (5) stuck in the mesh can jump out of boredom, to prevent clogging of the sieve. (6) The use of low-stress damping spring, a small operating noise. (7) The use of ultra-heavy large clearance bearings, operating temperature, long life. (8) The ring groove oranges and plate-style screen box frame structure, high structural strength of the screen frame. (9) provides international abrasion rubber king - Xinhai wear-resistant rubber screen. Applications Suitable quarry to screening gravel material, but also for coal preparation, mining, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industries for product classification purposes.Applicable materials:Granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz stone, river gravel, limestone, iron ore, coal, non-ferrous metal ores, pebbles, etc. Working Principle Circular vibrating screen blocks the production of the belt by the motor speed rotating eccentric vibrator. Eccentric block produce large centrifugal force action, stimulate sieve boxes have a certain amplitude circle movement, movement in the casting inclined surface display by passing impulses generated by the materials and processes to meet the surface of the particles than the sieve through manipulation, in order to achieve classification. Product Structure Mainly composed of of sieve box, shaker, suspension (or supporting) devices and electric motors and other components. Electric motor through V-belt, driving the exciter spindle rotation, due to the centrifugal force of the unbalanced weight of the exciter, so vibrating screen box. Change the eccentric weight exciter, available in different amplitudes.
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Molybdenum Beneficiation Production Line

Molybdenum Beneficiation Production Line Molybdenum Molybdenum has a high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance research, it plays an important role in the industry.In the metallurgical industry,Molybdenum mixed with tungsten, nickel, cobalt, zirconium, titanium, vanadium, rhenium and other advanced alloy composition as an additive ,to improve its high temperature strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In the chemical industry, molybdenum mainly used as lubricant, catalysts and pigments. Flotation process is one of molybdenum beneficiation methods most widely used method, the recovered molybdenum mineral is molybdenite. Molybdenum Beneficiation Common Equipment Crushing,as jaw crusher;grinding???as bill mill;flotation , as sf flotation machine; classifying, as sub merged spiral classifier;and various flotation reagents, feeder ,dewatering machine Molybdenum Beneficiation Production Line Advantage Molybdenum beneficiation production line can be used to more complex nature ore, and closely associated sulfide mineralsmoly. After mixing roughing roughing, the resulting concentrate after regrinding further selection, Improve the quality and high recovery, while reducing energy consumption. Roughing stage reagent system strictly enforced , featured stage full advantage of the enrichment of the foam,achieving enhanced flotation process, improve molybdenum concentrate grade. Molybdenum Beneficiation Production Process 1. Molybdenum ore srushed by jaw crusher firsty, then finly crushed, divided to the silo by feeder at last. 2. Molybdenum ore from the feeder into the ball mill evebly, the ball mill grinding of ore. 3. Milled ore fines into the spiral classifier, spiral classifier made ore mixture washed and graded. 4. After stirring barrel sent flotation machine.Adding different flotation agents depending on the mineral properties. 5. Efficient Improved Thickener removes moisture. Molybdenum Beneficiation Production Flow Molybdenum beneficiation production process flow Cases Molybdenum beneficiation production process Xinhai molybdenum flotation process for its scientific design, energy efficient by customers of all ages, application by many mine. A molybdenum dressing plant in Fujian, the main valuable minerals were molybdenite. The process of the plant was once roughing, twice scavenging, four times cleaning, and molybdenum ore grade was 0.38%. In recent years, due to the mining depth increasing, ore properties had changed, so the flotation index became poor leading to more molybdenum metal loss. After field investigation and analysis, Xinhai determined the process according to multi tests: crude one stage grinding, once roughing, once rough cleaning, once rough cleaning concentrate regrinding, three times scavenging, seven times cleaning after regrinding, to achieve a better index, grade of molybdenum concentrate from the original 35.50 percent rise to 45.23%. Slurry pump : Vibrate screen : Flotation ??? Flotation machine ??? vibro feeder ???
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Froth Flotation Process

Froth flotation process Introduction Almost two billion tons of ore in Worldwide is dressed by flotation process ,froth flotation is clearly an important scientific method for ore dressing. Outline Foam separated. Froth flotation process conditions To be separated with a surface active substance. Froth flotation separation system Introduction Froth flotation separation system Froth flotation:According to the different separation methods, it can be divided into the following categories: Mineral flotation Coarse flotation Particle flotation Ion flotation and molecular flotation The precipitate flotation Adsorbing colloid flotation Primarily process The main process of froth flotation is the bubble rise with mineral, then enrich foam layer formed on the surface of the slurry. This process is simple, but the details is complex, its adaptability and effectiveness make bubble flotation wipe become sorting complex, a method most widely used in low-grade ore dressing. Froth flotation mode 1. Froth impurity???Reverse flotation??. 2. Froth extraction (positive flotation). Foam-forming process Foam-forming process The formation of foam bubbles geometry consists of two parts, One is foam, two or more bubbles, second is the membrane between foam and the foam is composed of a small amount of liquid foam skeleton. Froth flotation reagents Minerals whether floating or not, depending on the activity of the mineral surface.Most of their nature mineral floatability are poor. Relying solely on the difference in wettability can not be successfully separated among mineral minerals. The role of flotation reagent flotation process is to change the nature of the phase interface. The main drug used in the collector agent and adjust agent like. Froth flotation Applications 1. Hydrometallurgy ore flotation. 2. Bioengineering of cell separation, protein separation. 3. Industrial wastewater treatment.
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sf Flotation Machine

Introduction SF flotation machine( is a mechanical agitation type flotation machines with self-slurry suction and self-air suction,SF flotation machine is widely used for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw body and materials of chemical industry. Production Capacity 0.3???20m3/min Effective Volume 0.2???20m3 sf flotation machine
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bf Flotation Machine

Introduction BF flotation machine is a mechanical agitation type unit with self-air suction and combination of slurry suction/no slurry suction.BF flotation machine is widely used for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw body and materials of chemical industry. Production Capacity 0.2???20m3/min Effective Volume 4???20m3
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